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Debra Andrews

Debbie Andrews is an experienced growth marketing leader, strategist, and presenter. She is the founder and CEO of Marketri.
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Our Top 6 Marketing Plan Failures and How to Fix Them

by Debra Andrews on January 10, 2018

Yeah, I admit the title is a bit negative—especially for the New Year, when everyone feels hopeful and optimistic. But now's the time to focus on getting on track for growth. If you ignore fixable marketing plan failures and your competitors’ plans seem turbocharged, you have a serious problem. Every moment you let your company be out-planned and out-worked, you risk losing the mindshare and business of existing and prospective customers.

So let’s get you moving by taking a look at six common marketing plan failures for B2B companies and how to fix them.

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Topics: Strategic Marketing Plans, B2B Strategy, B2B Marketing Best Practices, B2B Marketing Planning

Marketing Planning, Part 2: Account-Based Marketing and Content

by Debra Andrews on December 19, 2017

In part two of my series on marketing planning, I will introduce you to the wonderful world of Account-Based Marketing, otherwise known as ABM, and discuss content strategy and content clusters. If you didn’t read Part One on creating effective marketing plans, please go back and do that right now!

Okay, now let’s plan!

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Topics: Content Strategy Steps, Strategic Marketing Plans, B2B Marketing Best Practices, B2B Marketing Planning

How to Make the Mother of Marketing Plans – Part 1

by Debra Andrews on November 28, 2017

When I started my career in marketing, the frustrating way – trial and error – was the only way to reach perfection. But who is great at anything the first time out of the gate?

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Topics: Strategic Marketing Plans, B2B Marketing Best Practices, B2B Marketing Planning

What to Include and Exclude from Your B2B Marketing Budget

by Debra Andrews on November 2, 2017

About this time every year, I’m asked by clients to assist with preparation of their annual B2B marketing budget. I dread it—but not for the reasons you may be thinking. I dig numbers and like to carefully track actual expenses vs. budgeted ones.

My frustration lies in what happens to the budget after I submit it.

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Topics: Marketing Departments, B2B Marketing Best Practices, B2B Marketing Planning

Management Consulting Marketing: Do Customers Buy Your Brand or Bodies?

by Debra Andrews on October 10, 2017

In performing strategic marketing consulting for big management consulting firms, I’ve come to a realization.

Although they can differ widely in terms of their service portfolios, there are only two types of firms: top-down and bottom-up.

Maybe the realization is too simplistic and insulting for an industry of pedigreed professionals offering sophisticated (and at times amorphous) solutions. But I do think I’m onto something.

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Topics: Professional Services Marketing, B2B Strategy, Strategic Marketing Consulting, B2B Marketing Best Practices, Modern Marketing

My Career Advice for Marketing Graduates

by Debra Andrews on August 23, 2017

For the past 10 years, I’ve been asked and honored to give college seniors and recent graduates advice on careers in marketing. Up until a year or so ago, my general advice was as follows:

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Topics: B2B Marketers, Strategic Marketing Consulting

Which of the 4 Types of B2B Marketing Plans Fits You Best?

by Debra Andrews on August 8, 2017

When the save the date arrived in its perfectly scripted white envelope, I was tickled pink. I hadn’t been to a wedding in years. For a few moments, I reflected on sweet, young love—and adorable Emily and Tim. But slowly an all-important question consumed me: “What should I wear?!” For a summer formal wedding, many outfits could work. But this affair deserved something new from Nordstrom—a fitted, sleeveless, t-length, floral frock would be perfect.

As it turns out, marketing plans aren’t that different than special life occasions. Just as the nuances of a wedding dictate what guests should wear, a company’s goals and circumstances direct what type of marketing plan it needs to grow.

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Topics: Strategic Marketing Plans, Growth Marketing, B2B Marketing Best Practices, B2B Marketing Planning

What’s the Difference Between CGO and CMO?

by Debra Andrews on July 12, 2017

Comparing a good Chief Growth Officer description against what we know about Chief Marketing Officers is something we’ve been fixated on for some time now. Are Chief Growth Officers (CGOs) simply high-octane Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs)? Or are they run-of-the-mill senior marketers with fancier titles? What's the real difference between CGO and CMO?

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Topics: Digital Marketing Strategy, Growth Marketing, B2B Strategy, B2B Marketing Planning

Poll: Should Marketing Commission Be a Standard Practice?

by Debra Andrews on June 26, 2017

Most executives in marketing and sales understand the paradigm shift in B2B buying. And they have adjusted their roles accordingly. In progressive companies, today's marketers are the new hunters, and sales focuses mostly on decision phase discussions and the close.

With these changes, we wanted to know why pay structures haven't kept up. Today's sales professionals are largely compensated with base salary plus commission, while marketing commission remains a rarity.

Should marketing commission be standard? According to the marketing and sales professionals who responded to our poll so far, the answer is “Heck yes.”

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Topics: Digital Marketing Strategy, B2B Marketers, Strategic Marketing Consulting, B2B Marketing Best Practices

The Revenue Team: How to Get More From Marketing and Sales

by Debra Andrews on May 10, 2017

We know that B2B buyers are well down the sales funnel before they ever talk with a sales professional. You may have even seen the statistics and research to back it all up. Today, most of us in the sales and marketing world have accepted that as fact.

So why hasn’t it changed the way most B2B companies do business?

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Topics: Digital Marketing Strategy, B2B Marketers, Growth Marketing, Marketing Departments, B2B Marketing Planning

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