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6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Strategic Marketing Consultant

by George Jacob on March 6, 2017

Let’s say you’ve looked into the mirror, come to some terms, and decided you really do need some marketing help. You’ve hit the Google circuit, browsed some websites, and reached out to a few strategic marketing consulting firms.

Good start. But now the tough part. How do you pick one?

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Are B2B Strategic Marketing Consultants Relics?

by Debra Andrews on November 10, 2016

"He’s such a relic!”

That’s what me and my never-catty (wink) girlfriends would say about jocks when they’d come back for homecoming and hit the party circuit with their “Natty Bohs,” acting just like they did when they ruled the school. You could tell they were clinging to the past, but their time had passed. 

So, what do washed-up jocks have in common with marketing?

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The Secret to Earning a Higher ROI on your B2B Marketing

by Debra Andrews on October 10, 2016

Ready to learn how to secure a high return on your marketing dollars? Before I share the secret, we need to make a pact right now. Ready? Take a deep breath in, then let it go. Now say with conviction, “I will not fall prey to once and done marketing tactics.” Even if you are unsure about what I mean, trust me, say it, and read on.

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Does Your B2B Company Stall in the Red Zone? Improve Your Proposals!

by Debra Andrews on September 6, 2016

Your website is modern and up-to-date; your brochure looks slick and has copy that pops.  Having quality collateral, whether electronic or print, is typically a priority for most B2B companies.  Marketing collateral is often used during the early stages of the sales cycle.  It is used to get prospects interested and move them along the funnel.  So once a buyer has been qualified, you’re in the Red Zone and in a great position to score a big ol’ touchdown, many – too many – B2B companies lose focus and drop the ball.  Instead of celebrating with a spike, they are left with another notch in the loss column asking Why?  Why?  Why? 

The Answer:  B2B companies get lazy with proposals and most of the time, quite frankly, they stink.


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Are Your B2B Marketing and Sales Departments the Roommates from Hell?

by Debra Andrews on December 7, 2015

Monica and Rachel; Laverne and Shirley; Mork and Mindy.  Television’s top roommates make cohabitation look super fun and easy.  That’s not necessarily the case when it comes to business departments having to live, grow, and thrive together.  Take, for example, the living arrangement between B2B sales and marketing.  It is typically a pretty informal relationship with professionals on both sides having the best intentions to help one another succeed.  Sales believes that marketing is going to generate warm leads for them and also provide rocking collateral that will help them to seal the deal.  Marketing thinks that sales will provide them with fresh, original ideas for content that will hit the mark because the information is based on knowledge gained from face-to-face interaction with customers and prospects.  Marketing also anticipates that sales will aggressively pursue opportunities born from marketing’s carefully crafted campaigns.  Both teams want to live in harmony and toast many, many new customers, revenue growth and a high return on investment.  Who needs anything formal when “roomies” are aligned on the end goals, right?

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