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Thoughts on Content Marketing for Growth

by George Jacob on June 19, 2018

It’s common that when we start with a new client, we’re taking the reins from a previous marketing firm. And often, the reason for the transition comes down to strategy. Without a focus on strategic objectives—or when tactical implementation predates a clear strategy—content doesn’t drive the returns companies want to see.

Let’s talk a little bit about how content marketing for growth involves a lot of strategic foresight and commitment. And how, without that foundation, you’re going to struggle with returns.

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3 Reasons Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy Isn’t Driving Growth

by George Jacob on March 9, 2018

Opportunities abound for today’s content marketers. Business leaders have begun to understand they need content in their digital marketing efforts, so they’re creating new content marketing seats in their marketing departments. But they don’t realize that without sound B2B content marketing strategy, they’re only setting up those content marketers to fail.

Based on my experience, three common mistakes prevent leads from developing into viable prospects through content. If you’re making any one of them, then it's best not to expect too much from your content efforts.

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Marketing Planning, Part 2: Account-Based Marketing and Content

by Debra Andrews on December 19, 2017

In part two of my series on marketing planning, I will introduce you to the wonderful world of Account-Based Marketing, otherwise known as ABM, and discuss content strategy and content clusters. If you didn’t read Part One on creating effective marketing plans, please go back and do that right now!

Okay, now let’s plan!

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Why Are Technical Marketing Blogs So Bad?

by George Jacob on April 14, 2017

Sorry to show up unannounced.

How’d I get here? Well, I Googled this problem I’m having, and it brought me here—to your technical marketing blog post.

Which reads like a research paper and brochure.


Anyway. I’m going to go."

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B2B Marketing Strategies: How to Create Clearer Messaging

by George Jacob on January 25, 2017

If you’re working on a small team with a limited budget and a growing to-do list, you might feel a hint of doubt creeping into your once-steeled resolve. After you’ve chosen the best B2B marketing strategies for your business, and you’re faced with the realities of execution, success might feel like a distant dream.

If that’s the case, take a moment, and a deep breath.

And remember that all good marketing only comes down to one thing. Resonance.

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B2B Marketing Strategies: Getting Started With Content

by George Jacob on October 18, 2016

In the not-so-distant past, if websites were included in B2B marketing strategies, they were considered chiseled in stone. Mid-sized B2B companies hired professionals to sculpt each page — to push pixels, write copy, and get the images just so — and they published their websites for all the internet to see.

Then they forgot about them entirely.

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What does a Fractional CMO do?

by Debra Andrews on October 3, 2016

In Part I of my Fractional CMO series, I covered the basics of the model, and how it suits organizations with aggressive growth objectives that don’t need a six-figure, full-time CMO. (Hopefully I could make it clearer for you than my mom!)

In Part II, we’re going to examine more of what my work with clients looks like. Let’s take a look back at the last 60 days in my world as a Fractional CMO.

It goes pretty fast, so safety first and buckle up!

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Why Not to Start Your B2B Marketing Journey with Automation

by Debra Andrews on July 18, 2016


You’ve probably heard about Inbound Marketing, a promising, digitally driven modern methodology that “pulls” leads into the sales funnel by attracting them with interesting and useful information.  No more interrupting prospects with cold calls.  No more once-and-done, overpriced ads.  Inbound Marketing sounds as refreshing and satisfying as a margarita on the rocks with salt after a long, hard day.  You’re ready to take a sip!  What aggressive, growth-minded company wouldn’t want to leverage modern marketing to gain qualified B2B buyers?  All you need to do is buy marketing automation / lead generation software to kick-start your efforts.  It’s a little pricey (usually between $7,500 - $20,000 + the cost of training), but you’re ready to commit because just one new customer will pay for the annual investment. 

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10 Golden Tips to Make Your B2B Inbound Marketing Oscar-Worthy

by Debra Andrews on February 10, 2016

Picture the marketing red carpet…  Outbound Marketing is ready to make her typical grand entrance but gets blocked, ignored, and quickly ushered away.  This approach – once a red carpet darling – looks expensive and tired and appears to have rubbed former fans the wrong way.  In walks Inbound Marketing, and she stuns!  All eyes are fixated on her voluptuous promise of “free” communications through digital content and social media.  While she certainly looks the part of a flawless marketing method, is she truly Oscar-worthy?  What if we peeled away the hair extensions, fake eyelashes, Swarovski crystal gown, and Jimmy Choo’s?  How would Inbound Marketing look then (insert image of a make-up free selfie)?  She’d be imperfect, of course, but still very much a marketing shining star. 

Are you intrigued by Inbound Marketing’s allure as an “inexpensive” approach compared to advertising, direct mail, pay-per-click, and other pay-to-play methods?  Take out a tissue, rub your eyes, and please take a closer look.  It’s not as cheap as you might think, with larger costs hidden in professional salaries and marketing technologies.  In fact, some might argue that resources invested in the creation and distribution of content should be used in other important ways including customer service.  But even after taking all soft costs into consideration, Inbound Marketing -- done well -- is worth the investment and does indeed deserve special recognition. 

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The Top 4 Marketing Questions Asked by B2B CEOs (and answered by me)

by Debra Andrews on April 27, 2015

Marketing is complex – even for marketers, like me, who are obsessed with keeping up with best practices.  Many CEOs desperately want marketing to be an investment that helps their B2B enterprises gain a competitive advantage and grow but they simply don’t know how. Recently I had the pleasure of speaking to a CEO Peer Group in the Midwest and here were their top four marketing questions and my answers:

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