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The Gloriously Imperfect World of Professional Services Marketing

by Debra Andrews on June 6, 2014
world2My first day at Ernst & Young (circa 1990) – a big moment in this young professional’s life!  Everything had to be perfect, so I quickly ran down the list.
  • Freshly polished patent leather pumps – Check!
  • Silky sheer control top panty hose – Check!
  • Perfectly pressed black suit – Check!
  • Creamy white blouse with large shoulder pads – Check!
  • And, pearl earrings, of course – Check!
(We won’t mention the permed hair for purposes of this blog post)
My shaking hand pulled the shiny gold door handle of the sparking clean glass door of the class A office space at 1225 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Washington DC and my career in professional services had begun! 
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Does Your Law Firm Need More Than One Marketing Plan?

by Debra Andrews on May 5, 2014

Target_Market2 In the complicated, fast-paced world we live in, there is an increasing desire to have “one thing” to satisfy multiple needs. When it comes to products, the smart phone is a perfect example. One device enables you to text, call, email, take photos, download and listen to music, access GPS and more. Let’s look at retail – is there anything you can’t buy at Costco? But in the world of professional services, the trend tends to roll the opposite way.

A savvy buyer of legal services wants a specialist – a lawyer who understands his/her challenges and sources of pain and has the most relevant experience to deliver successful outcomes.


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Modern Professional Services Marketing Isn't Just for Marketers - Part I

by Debra Andrews on April 7, 2014

The professional services firm marketing model was a whole lot simpler in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Envision the professional services marketer on an imaginary island pumping out collateral, ordering business papers, sending out direct mail and pulling together proposals.  Most of their work could be done relatively independently much to the delight of the billable professional. Lawyers, accountants, engineers and architects, were only too happy to remain focused on client work and attend the occasional networking event, leaving the marketing staff to do its thing.

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Stop Wasting Money on Bad Marketing: Tips for Immediately Lowering Your Law Firm’s Marketing Budget

by Debra Andrews on March 30, 2014

So why in the world is a marketing consultant offering helpful tips on how to lower a client’s or prospective client’s marketing budget?  On the surface, it would seem to be not in my best interest.  Well, first things first – what’s best for my clients is always in my best interest.  But there’s another compelling reason behind why “less is sometimes better.”  The lower the marketing spend, the greater the potential for a measurable and higher return on marketing investment.  It’s to the marketer’s benefit to spend wisely on both short- and long-term value-added initiatives, and cut out the activities that are the equivalent of chucking dollars in a trash can.

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