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What to Include and Exclude from Your B2B Marketing Budget

by Debra Andrews on November 2, 2017

About this time every year, I’m asked by clients to assist with preparation of their annual B2B marketing budget. I dread it—but not for the reasons you may be thinking. I dig numbers and like to carefully track actual expenses vs. budgeted ones.

My frustration lies in what happens to the budget after I submit it.

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4 Qualities of Great Marketing Leaders

by George Jacob on August 15, 2017

I’ve been fortunate to work as a marketer in a variety of industries, cultures, and settings. Over the years, if I’ve realized one thing, it’s that a lot of organizational issues are commonplace.

But great marketing leaders—not so much.

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The Revenue Team: How to Get More From Marketing and Sales

by Debra Andrews on May 10, 2017

We know that B2B buyers are well down the sales funnel before they ever talk with a sales professional. You may have even seen the statistics and research to back it all up. Today, most of us in the sales and marketing world have accepted that as fact.

So why hasn’t it changed the way most B2B companies do business?

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B2B Marketing Planning: Interview With a Fractional CMO

by Marketri Guest Writer on April 19, 2017

This is the first of our blog series entitled “What’s New in B2B Marketing Planning: Interviews with Thought Leaders." In this kickoff, we talk to Debra Andrews, the President and Owner of Marketri, for some insight into her experience as a Fractional CMO.

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Tactical vs Strategic Marketing Professionals: Are They Different?

by Debra Andrews on April 11, 2017

No Marketing Results. Marketing Staff Turnover. Wasting Valuable Time. Wasting Financial Resources. These are a few of the most important reasons why Presidents, Owners, Executives, and Partners need to care about understanding the difference between strategic marketing professionals and tactical marketing professionals.

If you’ve been spinning your wheels with marketing, maybe this blog post is your tow truck to better marketing outcomes.

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Is Your B2B Marketing Professional Miserable?

by Debra Andrews on June 21, 2016

Be a Champion, Not a Challenge!

First one, then another. Now it’s a pattern that I can’t ignore. Marketing Managers and Marketing Coordinators who began their jobs at middle market B2B companies with great enthusiasm are coming to me to share their growing frustrations and ongoing struggles. They have faced one too many impossible tasks or brick walls, and some are on the verge of giving up and moving on. Senior executives – Owners, Presidents, Partners, Shareholders, and Vice Presidents – are almost always part of the problem. The good news? As you’ll learn, these same leaders can thankfully be part of the solution.

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Is Your B2B Company’s Marketing Department Top or Bottom Heavy?

by Debra Andrews on May 17, 2016

Not thinking about the funnel could be the issue weighting down your growth efforts.

Today's strong marketing and sales efforts are typically aligned around the notion of a funnel. Many leads enter the top of the funnel, and as they continue to engage with the company's marketing efforts, they're qualified and eventually passed to sales for contact. The notion is that out of the bulk of leads that enter the funnel, only a select few will make it through to sales. But those sales will be highly qualified, and more likely to buy.

A few years ago, most marketers didn’t make a strong distinction between top-of-the-funnel and bottom-of-the-funnel marketing. But as I’ve structured and restructured more and more mid-sized B2B marketing departments, I’ve found that attention to both TOFU and BOFU marketing is essential to achieving a measurable return on investment.

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Why Marketing Coordinators Deserve Unlimited Therapy and Drinks

by Debra Andrews on October 13, 2015

I've worked with a lot of Marketing Coordinators employed by small to midsized businesses without formal marketing departments. (That situation exists in most of corporate America.) Downtrodden Marketing Coordinators are often miserable, afraid to come to work, and deeply regretful over choosing a particular firm and/or entering the field of marketing.

Many dismiss these dissatisfied workers as unappreciative complainers. I would too, if I didn’t have firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to walk a day in their shoes. What's the job like? Here's a few things employers typically leave out of the job description.

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Is Your Marketing Department Treated Like a Flunky?

by Debra Andrews on March 3, 2015

Now there's a word you probably haven't heard in a while - Flunky.  No, not cool and funky.  We're talking flunky, and it's anything but hip!  If you're not familiar with the term, it means:

"A person who does small jobs for someone powerful or important."

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Five Signs That Your Marketing Department is Rocking it in the Fast Lane!

by Debra Andrews on February 13, 2015

It's 2015 and marketing is moving fast.  If your marketing department is constantly seeking more cost effective ways to push out your firm's message and thought leadership in a way that speaks directly to your customers and top prospects, then it gets an A+ for attitude!  According to Brian Miske, Chief Marketing Officer of KPMG, the most successful marketers are technology savvy, proactive change agents.  They look to stay close to the customer and help shape the customer experience.  

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