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Google Analytics 101 for Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses: Part 1

by Dan Vogel on July 10, 2018

If you are a running small- to medium-sized business, I'd assume a strong correlation between your desire to succeed and your need for insights. Without data from which to garner insights, you're asking for trouble—sort of like swimming down class-5 rapids without a helmet or life vest.

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How to Use a CRM Effectively: Salesforce Strategies for Better ROI

by Dan Vogel on June 28, 2018

One of the common mistakes for growth-minded companies is investing in technologies before understanding how they will help them achieve organizational goals. We see this often with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools in particular.

To help us better understand why, we spoke with our friend and colleague Bilal Muta, a CRM consultant. Our discussion revolved around the Salesforce CRM platform and how organizations can better leverage it to improve their profitability and efficiency through data and insights.

Now while Salesforce might not be for everyone given its price point, if you're interested in the strategy, guidance, and methodology behind setting up such a system, this is a valuable read.

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Topics: Digital Marketing Strategy, Growth Marketing, Strategic Marketing Consulting, Modern Marketing

7 Steps to Hiring the Right Marketing Talent for Growth

by Debra Andrews on June 26, 2018

Inbound and outbound; strategic and tactical; specialists and generalists; experienced and recent graduates. The permutations and combinations of marketing positions seem endless in today’s world of modern marketing. At the same time, the stakes have never been higher to acquire the right marketing talent for growth based on where you are in the Growth Marketing journey.

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Topics: Growth Marketing, Strategic Marketing Consulting, Fractional CMO, Modern Marketing

Thoughts on Content Marketing for Growth

by George Jacob on June 19, 2018

It’s common that when we start with a new client, we’re taking the reins from a previous marketing firm. And often, the reason for the transition comes down to strategy. Without a focus on strategic objectives—or when tactical implementation predates a clear strategy—content doesn’t drive the returns companies want to see.

Let’s talk a little bit about how content marketing for growth involves a lot of strategic foresight and commitment. And how, without that foundation, you’re going to struggle with returns.

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Topics: Digital Marketing Strategy, Content Strategy Steps, Growth Marketing, B2B Strategy, Modern Marketing

Beware of the Shiny Objects: Put Marketing Strategy & Analytics First

by Dan Vogel on June 8, 2018

If you have a young child, I’ll wager you’ve seen Moana more than seven times. Or maybe you’ve seen it without a tiny human because hey, it’s a quality Disney movie with a pretty good message—unlike Frozen (but I digress). I bring Moana up because one of its villains is a giant crab named Tamatoa, who is obsessed with shiny objects. And I don’t want you to be like Tamatoa.

Shiny objects are always appealing as potential quick wins. Maybe you saw’s hugely successful launch, Dollar Shave Club’s “Our Blades Are F***ing Great” campaign, or read that Snapchat is (was) the fastest growing social media platform (in 2016). But as a decision maker, you should turn to your marketing strategy and analytics first before spending energy to mimic these thoughtful campaigns to drive perceived quick hits. You might not need more video content, or it could be a mistake to foray into a platform that doesn’t house your audience. (If your main audience is 50+ people, Snapchat is not going to magically turn your business around.)

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Topics: Digital Marketing Strategy, Modern Marketing, Marketing Analytics

Get a Competitive Edge in 2018 With the Revenue Funnel

by George Jacob on December 12, 2017

I’d like to suggest a New Year’s resolution. And I know it’s a little ahead of schedule. But I was hoping to catch your attention before it slips fully into the holiday season.

This year, I think it’s time to give up the sales and marketing silos. It’s time you align your sales and marketing teams around the revenue funnel.

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Management Consulting Marketing: Do Customers Buy Your Brand or Bodies?

by Debra Andrews on October 10, 2017

In performing strategic marketing consulting for big management consulting firms, I’ve come to a realization.

Although they can differ widely in terms of their service portfolios, there are only two types of firms: top-down and bottom-up.

Maybe the realization is too simplistic and insulting for an industry of pedigreed professionals offering sophisticated (and at times amorphous) solutions. But I do think I’m onto something.

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Topics: Professional Services Marketing, B2B Strategy, Strategic Marketing Consulting, B2B Marketing Best Practices, Modern Marketing

Why is Modern Marketing Suddenly a Cultural Challenge?

by George Jacob on September 27, 2017

Over the last few years, the rise of digital marketing has transformed the marketing landscape. New technologies and analytics platforms offer much more transparency into the success of tactical marketing efforts and their impact on the sales pipeline. We're on the cusp of pure alignment of all things sales and modern marketing.

However, digital marketing advances haven’t translated into universal returns. And one of the main drivers in the disparity of marketing results comes down to a simple understanding: marketing starts with culture.

If you’re struggling with that understanding, maybe it’s best to think about marketing like sculpture.

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Topics: Digital Marketing Strategy, Strategic Marketing Plans, Growth Marketing, B2B Strategy, Fractional CMO, Modern Marketing

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