Drive your growth marketing strategy with better stories.

This 60-minute webinar examines popular constructs for content strategy and combines them into a simple model for telling stories that drive lead generation and support your strategic objectives.

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It's time for a clearer model for telling your company's story.

In this creative and insightful webinar, Marketri's George Jacob explores storytelling concepts and and connect them to content marketing principles. 

The takeaway is a clear model you can use to tell better stories for your audiences, ensure your efforts are always on strategy, and anchor your marketing communications efforts to the broader context of growing your revenue.

It's an engaging 60 minutes catered to professionals interested in stepping up their content and storytelling in marketing.

Storytelling in Marketing Library-1

Write marketing content that compels, inspires, and leads to revenue growth.

This webinar covers:

  • The notion of digital relevance in the modern age
  • An overview of storytelling and myth models
  • A construct that you can use to remember what you're trying to do in your storytelling efforts
  • Questions to ask to help align your content with your organizational strategy for growth
  • Fun and (hopefully) interesting asides, as selected by the presenter and told at a pace proportional to his caffeine intake

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