marketri-webinar-b2b-website-design-developmentA company’s website is its most important marketing asset. Join us for a short, insightful Webinar, Marketri’s Website Relaunch Essentials, to learn the latest best practices in B2B website design and development. 

During this webinar we’ll cover how to engage your site user within seconds of visiting your website; how to create strong calls to action; and where to organize key content on your homepage.


Mark your calendar for:
April 26, 2016
11:30 – 12:15 EST

During our 30 minute session, we’ll answer the most commonly asked questions, such as:

  • What is the process for redevelopment?
  • What content management system should we choose?
  • What are site map best practices?
  • How should the home page be designed to engage visitors?
  • What is the optimal length of an inside page?
  • Do I need marketing support to launch my website?
  • How much should I pay for my website?
Dave Moore, President of Focus MX Web Development, and I will give you honest answers to your most pressing website redevelopment questions. Register today!

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